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Hezzup [Jan. 16th, 2007|07:28 pm]
Samurai Champloo Anthology Pow-Wow
1. I r dum and totally forgot to mention:
If you'd like to attach a note or foreword to any of your submissions, please feel free! I'd love to include them. (e.g., "this fic takes place after Mugen learns to read" or "I wanted to draw Fuu in shades of gray" or whatever.)
This isn't a necessity or anything; just if you want to.

2. Maximum wordcount has been bumped up to 4000 on individual fics, and to 7500 for the per-author total.

3. Web document: In addition to being compiled in a print-quality PDF, all submissions will also be formatted for web viewing. Text and images will be placed in an HTML template that can be navigated in page order or via a table of contents.
The web version will be available as a complete directory in a .zip archive, ready to upload.
I've got the framework and code for this 90% done; the rest is just plugging the submissions into the blank pages. All the pages are in basic HTML, so there shouldn't be any compatibility problems.

Drop me a line or post here if you have any problems or requests.
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toot toot! [Jan. 11th, 2007|11:59 pm]
Samurai Champloo Anthology Pow-Wow
One month leftCollapse )
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Oh I guess it would be nice / if I could format your body [Jan. 9th, 2007|05:02 pm]
Samurai Champloo Anthology Pow-Wow
I'm trying to choose a font for the body text. Any preferences?Collapse )

Any feedback is very appreciated! Thanks.
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Fic draft [Jan. 8th, 2007|11:39 pm]
Samurai Champloo Anthology Pow-Wow

I planning on submitting this to the doujinshi, but I'd love some constructive feedback before embarrassing myself too badly. This is a very rough draft of Mugen's back story in Ryukyu up to his journey to Japan. I'm calling it "Stargazer" (a nod to the "grains of sand" scene) for now. The actual diction should be much tighter in the final, but right now I'm getting ideas on paper. I'd like to know if the POV works or if more detail is needed and whether this needs more dialogue. I'm planning on fleshing out the confrontation scene with Mukuro that appears in the anime, but I wanted the story overall to have a reflective feel, though I'm not sure if that works. The scene I included here about Mukuro's gang will either be cut or expanded, depending on what readers think.

Anyway, sorry for rambling. Thanks for reading, if you do.


Fuu thinks he's got no manners and is ill-bredCollapse )

At twelve, he was taller than his mother, who was petite but wiry.Collapse )
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Business as Usual Sidetrack -- champloo? drabble [Jan. 1st, 2007|02:23 pm]
Samurai Champloo Anthology Pow-Wow

Happy New Years, everyone!

Here's a little exclusive for the anthology, a scene that will never appear in my BaU plotline. Jin and Fuu's conversation regarding her virginity and the loss of it. 830 words, worksafe.
Business as Usual SidetrackCollapse )

art by Yenki Biral
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Digital Tones [Dec. 20th, 2006|11:20 am]
Samurai Champloo Anthology Pow-Wow
By request of one contributor, here's a screentone tutorial. Maybe y'all will find something useful here :D

This is just how I do it; not the industry standard or anything. It's relatively fast and easy, though.

Quick and Dirty Digital Screentone TutorialCollapse )
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Spot illustrations also welcome [Dec. 11th, 2006|09:48 am]
Samurai Champloo Anthology Pow-Wow
Forgot to mention in the guidelines that I can accept images submitted in the following file formats: JPEG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, PSD (Photoshop), EPS, AI (Illustrator), PDF, and PNG.
All images will be converted to grayscale TIFFs when put in the doujinshi.

I made another silly omission when posting the open-call notice - this doujinshi welcomes not only manga and full-page illustration, but small spot illustrations as well. Spot illustrations can be any size, and are used as accents or to break up large blocks of text.
Here's an example with dummy text. (And fan service.)

As with full-page art and manga, any kind of spot illustration is welcome (funny, serious, realistic, chibi, etc) as long as it can reproduces clearly in grayscale or black and white.

The guidelines have been amended to include this note.
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...and we're rolling! [Dec. 6th, 2006|03:18 pm]
Samurai Champloo Anthology Pow-Wow
Thanks to wildarmsheero for sending in the first artwork submission!
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Potential stories for doujinification [Nov. 29th, 2006|04:25 pm]
Samurai Champloo Anthology Pow-Wow

If any of you artists out there are ready, willing and able to draw, but lacking in ideas for content, there are a lot of pieces out there that might lend themselves to storyboarding. I'll start with these and add more if I think of them.

Keeping with the R-rating guidelines, story ideasCollapse )
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Doujinshi Info & Submission Guidelines [Nov. 28th, 2006|09:46 pm]
Samurai Champloo Anthology Pow-Wow
This will be a Samurai Champloo fan anthology, available for viewing and download on the web only.

Content & FormatCollapse )

Submission GuidelinesCollapse )

All contributors must include the following with their submissions:
- Pen name (let me know if you want to use your real name, both, or pen name only)
- Website URL if you have one
- e-mail address

Deadline: 11:59 PM 02/11/2007

Good luck and thank you!
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